A downloadable game for Windows

WASD - move

Spacebar - handbrake

R - to unstuck your vehicle

Left mouse - shoot

ESC - pause for quit or restart

Game is early , buggy, still needs a lot of development and content.

What will be added:

More sounds! More effects! More props to improve the awful, plain scenery! Smarter AI that doesn't just sit around until you drive around! Much more!

Most 3D props are made by yours truly.

Vehicle controller:

https://github.com/JustInvoke/Randomation-Vehicle-Physics (MIT)

Some textures came from www.textures.com

Sounds from freesound.org

Build3 update:

Adjusted particle effects, projectile damage.

Game can be completed!

Build4 update:

Added sound effects to gun and explosions.

Tweaked VFXs.

Added start menu.

Added one more enemy (oh beware)!

Minor bugfixes.

Known bugs:

Car tends to get stuck in terrain after launching itself at high speeds.

AI is still pretty dumb.

Pressing "Restart" button multiple times causes game to lag. Relaunch seems to fix this.

After pressing "Restart", vehicle hangs in the air like an enlightened death machine it is. Workaround - press R to unstuck it.

Install instructions

Extract contents of 7z to designated folder and execute .exe.


combat_vehicless_build3.7z 16 MB
combat_vehicles.7z 16 MB
build4_64.7z 21 MB

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