A downloadable game for Windows

You've been sent to investigate the disturbance in the forest nearby ruined Doron Manor. Men and beasts alike evade this place, as reanimated cadavers still linger there. Retrieve journals, items, anything that could explain walking corpses roaming there.
This project was made to improve my personal 3D development skills and as a learning project.

Controls: WASD for movement, mouse left button to axe questions and E for interaction.
Walkthrough: visit cabin and manor ruins, pick up one item at each place.


dredful_testbuild_0_2.zip 30 MB


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Known issues remain: 
In builds the mesh collision might not work correctly.

In version 0.2:

Added few items for picking up to finish the game.
Removed all monsters for one, it can be axed.

Known issues:
Navmesh broken for enemies, not reacting at all;
No available items for collection;
Main menu broken, is skipped in current build;
No sound (yet)

More stuff will be added with updates.